The Pros and Cons of Cedar and Slate Roofing

Regardless of the type of roofing material installed on your home, all roofs will require replacement at some point. Depending on the type of material installed on the home, re-roofing from professional roofing experts may be required approximately every 15 to 40 years, but there is variation in this depending on weather conditions, maintenance and other related factors. When the time comes to re-roof your home, you may be considering the benefits and drawbacks associated with more decorative materials like cedar and slate roofing. Before you make your decision about which material to use, consider a few points.

Cedar Roofing.Both cedar and slate shingles or tiles are natural, decorative materials that can add beauty to your home. However, cedar shingles or slats are considered to be more affordable than slate tiles. Cedar is a preferred type of wood roof because the material is more resistant to the elements than many other types of wood. Wood generally is more susceptible to pest and weather damage, such as rotting and decay. Because of this, the longevity of the material is reduced in comparison to slate, and the material may require more maintenance and upkeep over the years. Nonetheless, it is typically considerably more affordable to install than slate.

Slate Roofing. Slate roofing is considered to be a high-end material,and its high cost of installation means that it is typically found on more luxurious homes. The material has a gorgeous look, and it can be installed in eye-catching designs for added appeal. Generally, it holds up very well to the elements, resists pest damage and has a long lifespan. Because of its low maintenance requirements and its longevity, it may be cost-effective for homeowners who can afford the initial up-front investment for installation. However, it can be difficult to walk across without the tiles breaking. Because of this, roof maintenance and gutter maintenance may be difficult to accomplish.

When the time comes for you to work with a roofing expert to replace your property’s roof, cedar and slate roofing are both stylish, upgraded materials that you may consider. These are both materials that can enhance the look of your property, but they both have unique pros and cons. By taking time to learn more about these materials, you can make an informed decision that is suitable for your real estate goals and for your budget. Your roofing expert can answer additional questions you have about these and other types of roofing materials you may be considering.

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